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Certified Plot Plan

All Cities and Towns require Certified Plot Plans to be submitted for certain projects. Most often property owners are required to submit a Certified Plot Plan whenever they are making a permanent improvement on their property. Property owners should check with their local building department whenever considering placing, erecting or constructing an improvement on their property.

Preparation of a Certified Plot Plan involves the location of established monuments or survey control points, which are then mathematically tied in to the property being surveyed. This process utilizes sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment, and precisely locates both the property lines and the improvements on the property in relation to those property lines.


The process begins with research conducted on locus and the abutting properties at the town hall and Registry of Deeds. Deeds and plans of record are examined and analyzed for completeness and accuracy. An investigation in the field is made to recover record monumentation and evidence of lines of occupation. The field survey crew then conducts a survey of the monuments and other evidence. The field survey crew will also locate all buildings, driveways and any visible encroachments.


The field survey data is then analyzed and reconciled with the record data. The location of the building(s) is calculated along with the offset dimensions from the building(s) to the property lines. A plot plan is drawn showing the property lines, building(s) along with the offset dimensions, drive(s) and any visible encroachments. Also listed on the plan is the current zoning and the flood hazard zone designation.


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