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Mortgage Inspection Plan

The mortgage inspection plan is a tool used by lenders to identify potential survey problems. Not to be confused with an instrument survey, the mortgage inspection plan serves several very basic purposes: to satisfy part of a real estate closing, to verify compliance with zoning at the time of construction and to certify the flood zone status of the subject property for flood insurance purposes.

Record documents are obtained at the Registry of Deeds or town offices to determine the lot configuration.  A physical inspection of the dwelling's exterior is made, with cloth tape measurements to show the approximate location of the dwelling.  Information from the field is merged with record information to create a drawing of the property showing the approximate location of the dwelling on the lot.


In any circumstance where accuracy is required - for construction, location of fences, pools or other improvements - a plan prepared by instrument survey is necessary. No changes or designs should be made using a Mortgage Inspection - it is not intended for these purposes.


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