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Topographic / Existing Conditions Survey

The distinguishing feature of a topographic survey is the determination of the location, both in planimetric (horizontal) and in elevation, of selected ground points which are necessary to the plotting of the contour lines and to the construction of the topographic plan.  Measurements, both horizontal and vertical, will be taken of the site and the site improvements to a precision compatible with the particular problem or project involved.


Wherever possible, the elevations will be referenced to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum or some other locally recognized datum. Topographic elevations will be taken to the nearest .01' for hard surfaces and .10' for ground shots.

An Existing Conditions Plan of the site will be drawn showing the site and the major site improvements, contours with spot elevations, lot lines, buildings, dimensions from the buildings to the lot lines, property corners whether found or set, and other improvements requested by the Client such as interior stone walls, wetlands, brooks, rivers, underground utilities, etc. Any observed encroachments will be noted. The plan shall also have a title block, north arrow, scale and any other information deemed pertinent. The recording data of the deed and any other plans utilized in the survey may be noted along with the flood hazard zone designation according to the flood maps.



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